Posted on: August 2, 2008 3:46 pm

Mets Bullpen

The Mets bullpen has been struggling lately. Many thought that Omar Minaya would make a deal to improve the bullpen with names such as Funtes or Marte but no moves were made. So lets breakdown the bullpen.

Long Reliever

1, Carlos Muniz -21 Innings 5.14 ERA 14 Strikeouts 6 walks. Very Irreliable but good to soak up innings.

Left handed Specialists

1. Scott Schoeneweis-41.2 Innings 3.02 ERA 23 Strikeouts 16 Walks. Great against lefties.

2. Pedro Feliciano- 38.2 Innings 3.96 ERA 37 Strikeouts 17 Walks. Struggling recently but should bounce back.

Right handed Specialist

1. Joe Smith- 44.1 Innings 3.86 ERA 34 Strikeouts 19 Walks. One of the most consistent pitchers in the Mets bullpen.

7th Inning Man- Aaron Heilman- 60 Innings 5.10 ERA 67 Strikeouts 26 Walks. Extremely overused.

Setup Man- Duaner Sanchez- 46.1 Innings 3.88 ERA 36 Strikeouts 20 Walks. Not the same setup man fom 2005.

Closer- Billy Wagner- 46 Innings 1.96 ERA 50 Strikeouts 9 Walks. Dominant!

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Posted on: May 23, 2008 8:27 am

Leave the Past in the Past

The other day I was having the classic arguement, whos better the Mets or Yankees?Now I obvisioly say the Mets but thats not what this blog is about. The first thing the Yankee fan brings up is that they have 26 World Series. It made me so mad. I dont care about what happened 100 years ago I'm talking about the teams now. It seems that every time you have this arguement thats all they can bring up. If you look up how many wins they have since the Mets came into the league in 1962 the fair comparision would be 7-2. But even that, I want to talk about the teams now, but no matter what Yankee fan you talk to they have to fallback to their 26 World Series.
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